Books by Stuart Campbell

I’m an author based in Sydney, Australia.Before I turned to writing fiction, I was a Professor of Linguistics and a university Pro Vice Chancellor. These are some of my books:

Ash on the Tongue Novella


Ash on the Tongue

Cairo, 1972. American student Dusty Abbott arrives in town to enrol at the American University. Soon she’s enmeshed in a love affair with playboy Adel Shahata.

But Adel is engaged to marry the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, triggering a business merger between their families. The affair with Dusty sets off a chain reaction that shakes Cairo’s high society.

Pierre Farag is recruited to disentangle Adel from the affair. But is Dusty Abbott who she claims? Why is the Soviet Embassy suddenly interested in Pierre Farag? And who will pay the ultimate price for meddling in preparations for the coming war with Israel?

Ash on the Tongue introduces quirky Egyptian-Armenian private eye Pierre Farag, who features in the full-length sequels Cairo Mon Amourand Bury me in Valletta*.

*Bury me in Valletta is scheduled for publication in March 2020.

 CMA redesign coverCairo Mon Amour

Cairo 1973. British intelligence agent Lucy Vickers is on the run, her cover blown. Her colleague Mark Bellamy has just dumped a dead policeman and a Mercedes in the Nile. Can the former lovers salvage the secret mission that has brought them together on the eve of war with Israel? Or are they throwaway players in a game of Cold War politics?

Cairo Mon Amour is published by Austin Macauley Publishers under an orthodox (no author contribution) contract.


AEGTI 2016 coverAn Englishman’s Guide to Infidelity

The Walsinghams dabble in petty crime as they try to enliven a failing marriage. But a figure from the past tips them into a double murder plot. Could this respectable Home Counties couple really be killers?  CLICK TO BUY ON AMAZON, SMASHWORDS, APPLE, BARNES & NOBLE, KOBO

MMFM 2016 coverThe Making of Martin F. Mooney

An isolated village in the high country inland from Sydney; a disgraced university professor and his politician girlfriend; an impending dirty election. Will love conquer betrayal as dark forces encircle Bentwood Ridge?  CLICK TO BUY ON AMAZON, SMASHWORDS, APPLE, BARNES & NOBLE, KOBO.

Bury me in Valletta – To be released in early 2020

London, 1975. Student Emma Stonehouse is about to prove she’s got the guts to be a serious political activist. But her dad Ralph, a senior intelligence bureaucrat in Whitehall, has a dirty little secret. When Emma makes her move, Ralph’s career implodes and a clandestine espionage operation is thrown into peril. Egyptian-Armenian exile Pierre Farag is hired to salvage the operation, taking on the role of an enigmatic arms dealer to penetrate Colonel Gaddafi’s stronghold.

Inspired by the real-life story of arms smuggling from Libya to the Provisional IRA in the seventies, Bury me in Valletta has enough quirky twists to delight readers of Kate Quinn, Philip Kerr, and Lara Prescott.

© Stuart Campbell 2019

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