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Some self deprecating comments from my very clever author friend Sarah Bourne. We are proud founder members of That Authors Collective in Sydney.

Sarah Bourne

Last week, my second novel, Two Lives, was published, and already I’m receiving positive feedback, which is marvellous. So my question is, why am I feeling so blah about it? When Never Laugh at Shadows was published last year, I ran on adrenalin for weeks, telling everyone about it, contacting my whole email list, posting on Facebook and Twitter, talking to people about it face to face any time they would listen.
Am I not as proud of my second book? Do I believe that it doesn’t deserve the same hoohah as the first?
Not at all. I wrote the best book I could about issues that are difficult to write about. Without giving too many spoilers, there are two female protagonists, one who is dealing with the death of her son, the other is living in an abusive relationship. The feedback so far has been that they are harsh…

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