“Debate needed on return of slavery” says magazine editor

raymondMy attention was recently drawn to a news report claiming that an Australian government minister ‘has called for a “discussion” about the death penalty’. While the report suggests that the minister does not support the death penalty, the gentleman said that ‘many Australians supported capital punishment’.

If I may interpose my own thoughts on the subject, I am approached regularly by friends and professional colleagues who bemoan the difficulty of obtaining good domestic staff at affordable rates. Some have even suggested that they support the return of slavery. While I abhor such a barbaric notion, I do believe that a sensible government ought to call for a discussion about the matter.

Raymond Saucisson

Editor – Charcuterie Monthly


2 thoughts on ““Debate needed on return of slavery” says magazine editor

  1. Reblogged this on Stuart Campbell author and commented:

    I couldn’t resist reblogging this post from my late friend and mentor Raymond Saucisson as a reminder of the mad stuff that was swirling around Australian politics before Tony Abbott’s departure from the PM’s office.

  2. I would support the death penalty if I could be sure that 100% of verdicts were correct. They aren’t and haven’t been. The saving of one innocent life makes me opposed to the death penalty, but I can understand the feelings of those who want to reintroduce it.

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