My challenge: Explain my novel ‘An Englishman’s Guide to Infidelity’ in 80 seconds


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.25.07 PMMy challenge this week was to make an 80-second video promotion for my novel An Englishman’s Guide to Infidelity. I’ve used a DSLR camera previously for this kind of thing, but I just got an iPhone 6s, and it did the job just as well. I used iMovie to compile and edit the film, and Graphic to make the opening title. The only problem was getting the video file from the iPhone to my laptop because it was too big to email. In the end, I managed to do it with iCloud.

I wrote a script, but on the first few takes I kept peeping it at and my eyes were darting all over the place. I solved the problem by taking off my glasses so that I couldn’t see the script, and had to memorise it instead.

You can find my video here.

Let me know what you think!



5 thoughts on “My challenge: Explain my novel ‘An Englishman’s Guide to Infidelity’ in 80 seconds

  1. It’s only 8.24am and I’m already screaming at Google! In order to view your 80 second video I have to sign in to Google. Okay, I can do that…’sorry we don’t recognise that password, verification is a two step process, this could take 2-3 business days’ 😱 Question for you Stuart, is there an easier way for me to view your video?


    Julia Steele Mob: 0405820524 Email:


      1. OK – fixed it. I had a bad link there. Sorry, Julia, and thanks for alerting me to it!

  2. Well done Stu – nailed the explanation / synopsis but would love to see more of yr personality and liveliness in the presentation. H.

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