Tell me what you think about The True History of Jude

I love to get feedback on my novels. Readers’ comments motivate me to keep writing, and help me to spread the word about my work.

If you enjoyed The True History of Jude, scroll down to the Leave a Reply box below and tell me why. You can write an essay or just a few words!

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2 thoughts on “Tell me what you think about The True History of Jude

  1. Stuart, I have read several of your previous books which I thoroughly enjoyed. The Sunset Assassin, Bury Me in Valletta and Cairo Mon Amour were the last three that I read. Each a spy/crime novel that was engrossing reading and I would recommend readers to check them out. When I started reading “the true history of Jude”, I was completely taken aback. The back cover describes it as “a dystopian thriller” and that is exactly what it proved to be. To say that I enjoyed it, is an understatement. It is completely different from all your other writing.. But different in an engrossing way. The style of writing, the characters, the structure of the book are really terrific. Much of the book is in the style of letters (forbidden) between two principal characters and it is through the letters the story emerges. Although the book has no resemblance to “The Time Travellers Wife”, it left me with the same feeling I had on completion of that novel. The feeling can only be described as sitting back, putting the book down and going “Wow, that was an amazing story.” I admire the way you imagined the future and the repercussions of several events that precipitated that dystopia. I’ll leave it to other readers to discover what happened. Stuart, it’s a great book. I loved it.

    1. Ion, I’m delighted to read your feedback. Writing fiction is a lonely task, and it’s often hard to keep motivated. My motivation meter just went up ten clicks!

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