Academic works

Books/Contributions to Books

Stuart Campbell (2016) “Introduction” in Taibi, Mustapha (ed) New Insights into Arabic Translation and Interpreting. Bristol: Multilingual Mattersp.1-6

Stuart Campbell, Ali Aldahesh, Alya’ Al-Rubai’i, Raymond Chakhachiro, Berta Wakim (2010) “Information structure management and textual competence in translation and interpreting: Sentence openings in translation from Arabic into English as a second language” in Baker, Mona, Olohan, Maeve and Perez, Maria Calzada (Eds.) Text and Context: Essays on Translation and Interpreting in Honour of Ian Mason. Manchester: St Jerome, p.27-58.

 Campbell, Stuart (2007) “Australia’s Print Media Model of the Arab World – a Linguistic Perspective” in Dorothy Kenny and Kyongjoo Ryou (eds) “Across Boundaries: International Perspectives on Translation Studies” Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, p.111-126.

Campbell, Stuart (2006) “Indonesian/Malay” in Eid, Mushira et al (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics. Leiden: Brill, p. 340-345.

Campbell, Stuart (2005) “English Translation and Linguistic Hegemony in the Global Era in Anderman, Gunilla and Margaret Rogers (Eds.) In and Out of English: For Better, for Worse? Clevedon: Multilingual Mattters, p.27-38.

Campbell, Stuart & Hale, Sandra (2003) “Translation & Interpreting Assessment in the Context of Educational Measurement” in Anderman, Gunilla and Margaret Rogers(Eds.) Translation Today Trends and Perspectives. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, p.205-224.

Language Australia (2000) A description and exploratory evaluation of program types in indigenous and community languages. Melbourne: Language Australia. [named contributor to “Arabic in New South Wales” p. 13-42]

Campbell, Stuart (2000) “Choice Network Analysis in Translation Research”. In Olohan, Maeve (Ed.) Intercultural Faultines: Research Models in Translation Studies 1, Textual and Cognitive Aspects. Manchester: St Jerome, p. 29-42.

Campbell, Stuart (1998) Translation into the Second Language New York: Longman

Campbell, S. & Hale, S. (Eds) (1997) Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Macarthur Interpreting and Translation Conference “Research, Training and Practice” . Milperra: UWS Macarthur/LARC, Faculty of Education

Campbell, S., Dyson, B., Karim, S. and B. Rabie (1993) Unlocking Australia’s language potential: Profiles of 9 key languages in Australia. Volume 1: Arabic. Melbourne: The National Languages and Literacy Institute of Australia.

Campbell, Stuart (1992) “Pronunciation Activities” in Widin, Jacqie (Ed.) Approaches to Teaching English Pronunciation. Sydney: NSW TAFE Commission, p. 90-113

DiBiase, B. & Campbell, S. (Eds.) (1988) Macarthur Institute of Higher Education Occasional Papers on Language and Translation. Milperra: MIHE

 Refereed Articles

 Campbell, Stuart & Wakim Berta (2007) “Methodological questions about translation research: A model to underpin research into the mental processes of translation”. Target: International Journal of Translation Studies, 19:1, 1-19

Qi, Ruying, DiBiase, Bruno & Campbell, Stuart (2006) “The transition from nominal to pronominal person reference in the early language of a Mandarin-English bilingual child”, The International Journal of Bilingualism. 10.3, 301-329.

Hale, Sandra & Stuart Campbell (2002) “The interaction between text difficulty and translation accuracy”. Babel 48.1, 14-33.

 Campbell, Stuart (2002) “Translation in the Context of EFL – The Fifth Macroskill?” TEFLIN Journal 13.1, 58-72

Campbell, Stuart (2000) “Critical Structures in the Evaluation of Translations from Arabic into English as a Second Language” The Translator. 6.2 , 211-229.

Campbell, Stuart (1999) “A cognitive approach to source text difficulty in translation”. Target: International Journal of Translation Studies 11.1, 33-63.

Campbell, Stuart (1996) “The distribution of –ah/-at forms in Malay loanwords from Arabic” Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 152-1, 23-44.

 Campbell, S.J. (1991) “Towards a model of translation competence”. Meta 36.2-3, 329-343.

Blair, D., S. Campbell, T. Chesher, I. Rogers, & C. Yallop (1990) “A Prototype Term Bank of Health and Social Welfare Terms”. Terminologie & Traduction, Commission des Communauté Européennes, Service de Traduction, 3., 69-81.

Campbell, S.J. (1986) “The Modern Arabic Course – A Challenge”. International Review of Applied Linguistics 24.2, 145-156.

Campbell, S.J. (1984) “Learn Transcription by Crosswords!” RELC Guidelines, 6:1



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